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Who I am and why I do what I do


I’m a holistic nutritionist and a personal trainer with a background in research science. My goal is to empower my clients to feel strong and connected to themselves through conscious nutrition, playful fitness and cultivated self-awareness.

A holistic view is foundational to my practice. Our overall health incorporates our body, mind and spirit, and finding optimal wellness requires balancing all of these, rather than zooming in on individual collections of symptoms. As such, my approach is to treat each client as a whole, unique person, and my advice is not limited to diet and movement, but incorporates specific lifestyle changes and a strong focus on wellness education. I also offer functional testing where applicable and dietary supplement recommendations.

Every client also has unique needs at each moment of their journey. We work together to figure out what they most need and how to get there, continually adapting along the way. Rather than focussing on numbers on a scale, measuring tape or calorie counter, I prefer to set wellness and performance goals that are deeply rooted in the meaning of health for each client. These goals motivate, inspire, provide a clear direction and offer a way to track progress along the way.



I’ve had IBS most of my adult life, which sparked an interest in all things health and nutrition. Over the years I’ve experimented broadly with my own diet and lifestyle in an effort to heal my gut and improve my symptoms. Although I haven’t ‘fixed’ everything, I’ve come a very long way and it's taught me a lot: above all, how much influence our choices have over our health, happiness and longevity. I’ve also learned that there’s no place for perfectionism, and I whole-heartedly believe in nourishing the soul with chocolate, cheesecake or cachaça as part of a healthy, balanced life.


Throughout difficult periods of my life, nutrition, fitness and spiritual practice have been the backbone of my survival and my healing. I was never particularly fit or sporty when I was younger; it was only while going through a separation and divorce that I discovered strength training and fell in love with fitness for the first time. Gaining physical strength empowered and fortified me when I most needed it, and I gained a whole new perspective on the benefits of exercise and strength training for mental health and for women in particular.

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University of Edinburgh: BSc in Biological Sciences with Honours in Genetics                                                   2007-2010

Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts: Certified Nutrition Consultant                                   2016-2018