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Workplace Wellness

Learning to optimise diet and lifestyle habits can improve our health, productivity and sense of wellbeing.

Nutrition is a vital component of overall wellness and impacts our ability to function optimally in both body and mind. It's also a topic that's often missing from mainstream education and is continually shifting as we learn more from ongoing research. Understanding the ways in which diet and lifestyle can affect health on a day-to-day basis can help inform our choices, and small tweaks can produce big results.


Workplace wellness programmes can also improve productivity, performance and overall job satisfaction, even reducing the number of sick days employees take on average. I offer a range of workplace wellness services, focussed around nutrition and holistic health, to benefit both the individual and the company, including group talks and individual drop-in sessions. Get in touch to discuss how we can tailor a programme to suit your company and employees' specific needs.

Wellness Workshops

Presentations are 1 hour long, comprising a 45 min presentation + 15 min Q+A and interactive activities. Each workshop can be tailored to your specific requirements and/or elaborated into a series in order for employees to reap the most benefits. The topics listed below are examples.

Drop-in Nutrition Consultations

Choose between 20 or 30 minute 1:1 sessions, conducted on-site. Each employee will complete a detailed questionnaire and food diary before the session and have the opportunity to address any current health concerns, learn how to increase their energy levels throughout the day and improve physical and mental performance. They will come away with personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice, a PDF recipe booklet and 10% off quality, research-backed supplements. A Health Optimisation Plan will be provided after the session.

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