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Gut Health | Skin | Hormones | Energy Levels | Movement as Medicine


Comprehensive wellness assessment | In-depth discussion of your health goals | Co-created, personalised health plan with supplement and lifestyle recommendations | Regular check-ins for coaching, support and to monitor progress.


Fun, fast, jam-packed sessions in the park | Tailored completely to you and your goals, while focussing on overall health, full-body strength, cardiovascular fitness and injury prevention | Basic nutrition guidance included.


Every person is unique and constantly evolving, so the needs of all my clients are different and ever-changing. I love helping my clients figure out what they most need and how to get there, adapting to each moment along the way, always with the ultimate goal of improving overall wellbeing. Instead of focussing on numbers on a scale or a measuring tape, we set wellness and performance goals that are deeply rooted in the meaning of health for each client. These goals motivate, inspire, provide a clear direction and offer a way to track progress along the way.

I work with clients across all aspects of wellness, including conscious nutrition, playful exercise, mindfulness techniques, lifestyle adjustments, mindset coaching, aromatherapy and more. I always prefer to advise adding in foods and practices rather than removing others: wellness is about balance, not perfection.


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There's nothing I love more than hearing how our work has benefited my clients.
Here are some of their lovely words.

I first met Clarissa through a mutual friend and have been seeing her for almost 8 months now. I love the workouts we do together, and the programmes she has set me through the lockdown periods too. On our first few sessions we measured where my strengths and levels of fitness were at and talked through my goals, what I wanted to achieve and nutrition/healthy eating. She has been such an incredible motivator, and I've learned so much about technique, listening to my body and diet in the time we've spent together. She is a wonderful coach and I couldn't recommend enough, the results really speak for themselves... An unfit size 16/18 with a damaged self body image, to now a size 12, who feels strong, healthy and has a great focus to continue the hard work with confidence and self love. Not only does she make the workouts fun and engaging, but pushes me to keep working on my strength and fitness inside and outside our sessions. Have loved every minute and will be working with her for a long time to come.



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