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As both a holistic nutritionist and personal trainer, I tailor my work to the individual and offer a variety of options to suit diverse needs.

Nutrition Consulting

Personalised | Targeted | Integrative | Root Cause Healing

Whether you're concerned about your digestion, skin, sleep, weight or hormones, or looking to level up your physical and mental performance, together we can navigate through your current health state to uncover any root causes to suboptimal wellbeing. My goal is to empower you to feel in charge of your own health and lifestyle choices, and to lay strong foundations, not for a quick fix, but to build your health gradually and sustainably from the bottom up.

In our initial consultation, we will deep dive into your current health concerns and symptoms, medical history, diet, lifestyle factors such as exercise and sleep, and any supplements or medications you are taking. After each consultation you will receive a Health Optimisation Plan, highlighting the personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme that we agree upon to follow until your next session. Since wellness goes beyond nutrition, I'll be guiding you in your exercise choices, sleep hygiene, stress relief practices and more. You will also receive supplement and functional test recommendations if applicable, and 10% off quality, research-backed supplements. You can expect follow-ups to be spaced around 3-6 weeks apart, which may stretch to longer depending on your needs.

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Personal Training

Personalised | Motivating | Progressive | Performance-driven

Everybody's fitness needs are different. I work with each client to design a programme suited to their needs and goals, including full-body strength training, mobility, core development, fast and furious HIIT workouts, metabolic conditioning and more. Sessions are conducted outside using principles of calisthenics/bodyweight strength training, resistance bands and creative cardiovascular training.


No matter where you are on your fitness journey, we can work together to identify specific skill-based goals, then work towards them in a fun, challenging, energising and progressive way. I'll be cheerleading you along the way and you'll find yourself stronger and fitter than you can imagine in no time.​

Online Programming

Tailored | Supportive | Independent

Perhaps you can't meet in person; you're highly motivated but want help creating a programme that will push you towards your goals; or you want some extra workouts to keep the momentum going in between our personal training session. Whatever your reason, if you want a tailored fitness programme that you can follow yourself and in your own time, online exercise programming is a fantastic option. It takes the pressure off having to figure out what to do in the gym, and means that the exercise you're undertaking is in alignment with your goals.

You'll receive written workouts every week, tailored to you and the equipment you have available. You'll also have access to me via Whatsapp for questions and feedback. I do recommend at least one session in person for us to get to know each other, but from there you can fly on your own if that's what you want!

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